Why I’m Running

I believe the current House has failed to properly negotiate with the Biden Administration, leaving our borders wide open, increasing the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion dollars just last year, providing over $200 billion in funding to Ukraine for a proxy war, and reauthorizing FISA.

After making the decision to run on March 30, 2024,
I enlisted over 85 petition gatherers and easily obtained over 1,800 signatures in under 14 days. The 4th District has shown they’re highly motivated for honest representation.

I’m running to give you a voice and to Revive Our American Republic!

Revive Our American Republic

Or as we like to say — ROAR! Because this is no time to be silent. America’s Constitutional Republic is in crisis. The career politicians in Washington D.C. do not represent their constituents and routinely ignore the hardships faced by everyday citizens. Brendan Muir is running for U.S. Representative in Michigan’s 4th congressional district to Revive Our American Republic by restoring prosperity, protecting our children, and putting Americans First.

Return to sound money.

The Federal Reserve gives Congress and Wall Street a nonstop flow of money, causing inflation and making it harder for everyday Americans to make ends meet. The U.S. dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency is at risk. With the BRICS nations setting up their own system, the U.S. dollar is losing its value and global dominance. We need to back our currency with assets that are valued by Americans and other countries — physical assets such as gold and silver, farmland and oil. It’s time to return to honest money without exploitation.

People’s freedom.
Government’s duty.

The Constitution protects our God-given rights. The government is responsible for upholding the Constitution, and its top priority should be protecting our country’s border. Allowing illegal immigrants to cross the border and then use taxpayer dollars to fund their stay is a complete failure as the stewards of our nation. Why is the American government focused more on helping non-citizens than its own people? Why is it engaging in censorship and control of the people? We need to restore independence and self-governance.

The national debt $34,560,000,000
$19,000,000,000 Billion dollars for war in Ukraine
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Meet Brendan

Brendan Muir is a lifelong Michigander who grew up in Plymouth Township. His grandmother grew up in Coopersville and was blessed to have a family cottage on the coastline of Lake Michigan. Brendan has three decades of cherished memories from his family vacations in Ottawa County— especially celebrating 4th of July and the freedoms provided by the Declaration of Independence.

After nearly three decades in Metropolitan Detroit, Brendan moved to West Michigan to be closer to the outdoors and family.

In early 2023, Brendan was elected to be the Chair of the Ottawa County Republican Party. Under Brendan’s leadership, the executive committee took a startup approach to restore the county party to the Republican platform, focused on Constitutional values.

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